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Our Mission:

Normandale House walks alongside families experiencing housing instability by providing a safe and affordable home, family support and encouragement on the journey towards a more stable future

Our Program:

Normandale House Provides 6 apartments in the Phillips Neighborhood just south of downtown minneapolis. 


What makes us different? Our staff, family support teams, volunteers, donors and partners are committed to provide safe and secure housing that supports families, neighbors and communities to ready our families and their children for the journey.

What is a Family Support team?

 A Family Support Team is a team of staff, case worker and volunteers working directly with individual families to help them navigate challenges, build resilience, and improve overall well-being. 

They may assist with developing a family work plan to address issues such as parenting, education, healthcare, financial stability, and emotional well-being. The team may offer a range of services, including counseling, advocacy, coordination of services, and connecting families with resources in the community.  

Collaborative efforts among team members enable a more comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing the diverse needs of the family.

Program Steps

Application and Interview

  • Background check, rental history and references.
  • Accepted or Referral made

90-day Orientation

  • During this 90-day orientation period, the family support team will evaluate the family’s progress towards its self-sufficiency goals.  If the family successfully meets goals, the lease may be extended for the remainder of the year.

Annual Lease

The lease may be extended if needed, if the resident continues to demonstrate progress towards living independently. Most families move out of our program within 2 years.

The family agrees to:

  1. Work with Normandale House staff and volunteers in an honest and open manner to develop and implement a plan for family self-sufficiency.
  2. Attend all regular and special meetings with Normandale House staff.
  3. Participate in NH group programming and activities.
  4. Develop and education and employment plan.
  5. Have child(ren) attend child care, school and other age-appropriate educational or recreational activities as agreed-upon with the Normandale House staff and Volunteers.
  6. Pay rent, establish a savings account, develop and follow a budget an follow house rules.

Exit Plan

After the family’s first year, the family support team will review family progress and make a formal recommendation for the family to begin exit planning or for renewing their rental lease and annual work plan for one additional year.

Total Time in Program

  • 15 months to 24 months
  • Alumni – all program participants are eligible for support and assistance as needed after completing the program.

Families who meet the following are encouraged to apply